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ACS Tension Bar Systems
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ACS Tension 520
ACS Compression Strut

ACS Tension Bar Systems

ACS tension bars offer unique benefits to specifiers and contractors, meeting the demands of the structural, civil and architectural markets our range includes the following:

  • ACS Tension 520s (stainless steel bar system)
  • ACS Tension 520c  (carbon steel bar system)
  • ACS Architectural and Standard Compression Strut

These high strength bars can be used in a wide variety of applications and include the following as standard:

  • Enhanced yield strength of 75400psi / 520N/mm2.
  • Uses rolled rather than cut threads for increased strength and security.
  • Bar range 10mm - 100mm available.
  • Aesthetically pleasing design.  
  • German approval for it both carbon and stainless steel systems.
  • European technical approval CE marked.
  • Support from experienced teams of enigneers who offer support and advice from specification to construction stage.

In addition to the above, ACS provide other bar and cable systems. For further information please contact us














  • ACS Stainless: Made In Britian